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Ayushri Ayurvedic Clinic Is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad. We aspire to aid the community in leading a healthy life through: Providing proper ayurvedic treatments, Panchakarma treatments, Panchbhautik Chikitsa , Proper life style managements, Improve immunity systems And Garbhasanskar .

Panchakarma , Panchbhautik Chikitsa, Agnikarma

The panchabhautik manifestation of the three doshas are as follows.

•Vata constitution is—Akash (ether or Space) +Vayu (Air)

•Pitta constitution is-–Agni (Fire)+ Jala (water)

•Kapha constitution is—Prithvi (Earth) + Jala (Water)

Agnikarma Treatment involves thermal micro-cauterization.

Benefits of Panchakarma

• Helps restore metabolic fire (AGNI)

• Eliminates AMA (toxins) strengthens tissue functions.

• Assists balance all three doshas.

• Helps implement a healthy diet and lifestyle.

• Reduces stress, improves relaxation & tolerance.

• Slows the ageing process.

• Boosts the bodies immunity levels.

• Improves strength, endurance and vitality.